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Will They Kick Me Out?

Hmm, turns out I need to update my database, as I had this deck down as not having been blogged with before.  However, when I’d already pulled cards and settled down to scan them, I realised I had blogged with it, a couple of years ago.  Ah well, doesn’t hurt to pull a deck out again, and I do enjoy Antonella Platano’s artwork 😉  This is the Tarot of the 78 Doors (Lo Scarabeo, 2005), and I wrote a review of it back in 2014, which you can find here.  So, I’ll have to figure out something else for this Friday…

Tarot of the 78 Doors Bridge Spell Reading

Situation – Queen of Chalices (Cups)

A radiant female figure rises up from the waters of what may be a mountain lake, smiling down on a woman who kneels at the edge of the water.  The colours are surprisingly warm and unwatery, reds and pinks and apricots.

Over the weekend, I enjoyed some time playing with the cards just for fun, and playing with my boys, too.  So, tapping into my intuition, and allowing my emotions free rein.  There were some trickier emotions, too, with a session of EMDR for hospital trauma related to my elder boy.

Desirable Outcome – The Hierophant

Peter stands in a Roman plaza, with the key to the Kingdom of Heaven and two lambs.  I love the colours in this card: his blue robes – colour of clarity and communication – and the sky that shades from blue to apricot.

Two things spring to mind here.  Firstly, this is a reminder of the Learn Lenormand training that I launched at the end of last week.  I so enjoy teaching, and having that course finished I can now turn my mind elsewhere.  What else would you like to see me teach?  I have a couple of ideas I plan to work on this week…

The second is the reminder that I am also a student, starting a one year course on Saturday.  I worry a little that they will “discover” what I do and kick me out.  Unrealistic, I know, but sometimes I worry about how “authority figures” perceive me.  And certainly, one of our tutors has said a number of times that “believing in magic is ridiculous”.  While I know this is his ignorance speaking (he’s thinking stage magician, rather than the kind of magic I practice), it still rankles every time he says it.  As a desirable outcome, though, it reminds me that it is worth holding my peace, because I want the knowledge that this course can offer me.  I don’t have to buy into their kingdom to make the most of what they offer!

Relating this back to the previous card, I can accept that I may be getting too emotional around this.  However, it’s also true that this course is about dealing with emotion – it has a lot in common with the EMDR work I did at the weekend, in fact.  Soak up the information that will help me, and others, to use our emotions more productively then, accepting the knowledge without buying into the dogma.

Energy Needed – Two of Swords

A nun looks out from a warmly lit doorway to see a baby on the steps of her convent.  Although it is raining, the baby looks quite happy in her swaddling and moses basket, seeing that someone is coming out.

This card reminds me that I need a beginner’s mind, to be open to learning even when it might be uncomfortable.  The nun doesn’t look delighted to see the baby, but will help care for her even if it is outside of her comfort zone.  And the baby will grow and learn.  Perhaps not in the setting she would best like, but for the moment this is what is offered.

Maybe there is also a message about making choices.  The convent could choose to try and find a different home for the baby, or they could take her in themselves.  Before choosing, they will need to see if they can find a new home.  The decision is not for now, when the baby needs feeding and changing and burping and help sleeping.  Yet, they can remain aware that the decision will have to be made at some point.  So, too, I will need to decide how much I choose to buy into the dogma.  That may be relevant in terms of placements on this course, for instance…  Something to think about.

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9 Responses to “Will They Kick Me Out?”

  • I like your interpretation of the Two of Swords – do the simple, necessary things now, but put off the big decisions until later.
    I’d love to see you teach something outside the magic realm that taps into your training as a therapist!

    • Ha ha, would you believe I don’t really see the two as separate and different, Bev? For me, part of magic is the self-application of therapeutic ideas such as self-reflection and using imagination to pace future wishes, or using images to explore archetypes and unconscious issues. Perhaps what I need to do is run a course where I use the therapeutic language, though… I guess I just always figured tarot people would be more into the pagan/wiccan terminology.
      There’s also a part where I feel that most therapies are sub-branches of magic, which for me encompasses more than they do. Which is probably connected to the idea that “science” always specialises… 😉

      • Yes! A course with therapeutic language might reach those who shy away from any pagan (or other religious) terminology. I do this quite often with the ladies I sponsor; I share a Buddhist idea, but I frame it in language that they would more readily understand and be comfortable with.

  • Besides having enjoyed this reading, I can’t stop thinking about how many decks you must have when you only read with them once on your blog ( drooling over here):D

    • The answer is probably too many 😀
      Seriously, though, there tend to be ones I read with a lot more for myself (as you may remember from my other blog where we first met). Here on Inner Whispers, I use the blog as a justification for my clickety-itus 😉

  • What I observe with people is that your presence and sensible approach and keen mind will probably win him over. Show up, do your thing and whether or not he believes in magic, he will come to respect you,

    You have that way about you–not a New-Age flake but a deeper human. He will see it eventually. If not, I tend to rely on good old Wayne Dyer who said “What other people think about me is none of my business.”

    • Thank you for your kind words, JJ! And your perspective seems to have turned out: the weekend went better than I expected. I actually volunteered to lead a group meditation, and the tutor asked me after whether I had shamanistic training. He was quite positive about it and congratulated me on a good job 🙂


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