Inner Whispers

Intuitive Tarot, Lenormand and Oracle Readings

Inner Whispers


On Saturday 10th October, I’ll be running the lunch-time workshop at the UK Tarot Conference on Lenormand Magic. Here, we’ll break down powerful techniques to help you create the results you want, explore what makes Lenormand cards especially effective for magical use, and help you create a spell to put into practice.


Learn Lenormand – an online training. Stay tuned for more details!


Have an event and looking for a teacher?

Learning to read the cards, be they tarot, Lenormand or other oracles, can be fun and easy! I offer workshops both for beginners and for people who already have a good knowledge of the cards. The beginner workshops teach you the basics about the cards and different spreads, as well as how to go about starting to read for yourself and others.

I also offer more advanced workshops on a range of topics. For tarot these include getting to know the Court Cards and using the tarot for brainstorming and creativity. With the Lenormand, they include combining Tarot and Lenormand, and reading the Grand Tableau. All my workshops encourage you to develop your intuition when reading for yourself and others. As well as running courses in London, I am available to give talks by arrangement.